Fernsehfolklore – Volksmusik im Schweizer Fernsehen


Online exhibition of Master-study project 2020 of Institut für Sozialanthropologie und Empirische Kulturwissenschaft (ISEK) – Populäre Kulturen at Universität Zürich in cooperation with SRF Archiv.

Programme by Bernhard Tschofen, Johannes Müske, Sabine Eggmann
With Nadine Wüthrich and intercomverlag (Niki Rhyner, Zohra Briki, Nils Güttler)
Coding Davide Giorgetta




cache.ch is a publication series and tool for research groups. It enables them to work together on a topic, to arrange source material associatively and to layout generatively in various formats. The resulting series is a mixture of a collective essay and material collection.

Basic idea of ​​the design was to automate repetitive activities in the design process and to provide the researchers with an easy-to-use tool. Therefore the projects’ backend generates various HTML- and PDF-versions based on XML data. The script-based approach was consciously exhibited in the layout-design – and contrarily to the series name, not being hidden. Explanatory texts are printed in full column width.

Realised in a cooperation between Chair for Wissenschaftsforschung, ETH Zurich and the Department for Visual Communication, ZHdK.
In collaboration with Loraine Olalia.
Mentoring: Prof. Sarah Owens
Assistance: Victoria Knabe
Coding: Janis Perren
cache Mono: @atelieramb
Gerstner-Programm: Forgotten Shapes 


Æther No°01 Publication & Website


Hybrid platform for the simplified publication of essays written at the D-GESS Department of ETH Zurich. The project resulted in a website that publishes the monothematic issues in the form of articles on a website, downloadable pdfs and as a generatively layouted publication. Particular attention was paid to the tooling character, the design is based on a predefined system, the realization is managed by the backend. Further information: aether.ethz.ch.

In collaboration with: Loraine Olalia, Nadine Wüthrich
Mentoring ZHdK: Sarah Owens, Jonas Vögeli, Patrik Ferrarelli
D-GESS ETH: Nils Güttler, Max Stalder, Niki Rhyner
Coding: Daniel Stutz
Publisher: intercomverlag