Palms on Balconies – Photogrammetries


Photograms of found objets on construction sites in Romania during fieldtrips for inquiring architectural expressions for social status.
Digitalized at HSLU Lucerne with Lukas Galantay

Æther No°01 Publication & Website


Hybrid platform for the simplified publication of essays written at the D-GESS Department of ETH Zurich. The project resulted in a website that publishes the monothematic issues in the form of articles on a website, downloadable pdfs and as a generatively layouted publication. Particular attention was paid to the tooling character, the design is based on a predefined system, the realization is managed by the backend. Further information:

In collaboration with: Loraine Olalia, Nadine Wüthrich
Mentoring ZHdK: Sarah Owens, Jonas Vögeli, Patrik Ferrarelli
D-GESS ETH: Nils Güttler, Max Stalder, Niki Rhyner
Coding: Daniel Stutz
Publisher: intercomverlag



Webdesign-concept for the reopening of Therme Vals. Realised as a freelance graphic designer, for Raffinerie AG with Reto Ehrbar and Enea Toldo.
Creative direction by Frank Baumann, photography by Gianni Pisano, coding by Square.