Palms on Balconies – “Homing – Auf der Suche nach Zuhause”


The exhibition “Homing” investigates the many notions, shapes and relations towards home in contemporary Romania in times of migration for work and economically challenging domestic developments. Gabriel Amza and me contributed with an excerpt from our project “Palms on Balconies”. It featured a series of photographs of houses built for the representative purposes of privates’ and photograms of building materials and objects we’ve found on construction sites.

Exhibited at Literaturhaus Stuttgart, 21.01.20 – 13.03.20. Curated by MISC Timișoara, House of the Arts Timișoara, Haus der Heimat des Landes Baden-Württemberg. Further exhibiting artists were Ema Staicut, Lavinia Braniște, Andrea Wolfer, Julia Lauter, Holger Fröhlich, Gabriel Amza, Philipp Meuser, Enver Hirsch, Jan Anderson, Juha Hansen.