Roma Jam Session Art Kollektiv «Vertrauen», Helmhaus Zürich


Design of a performance score and handling of the printed pieces for the room of Roma Jamsession Art Kollektiv in the „Vertrauen“-exhibition at Helmhaus Zürich, 23 Sept. – 13 Nov. 2022.

The perfomance score „Detox Switzerland, Detox Europe“ guides through a meditation which is interwoven with an oral history of the century-old oppression of the Roma minority in Switzerland and the collectives’ beginnings and line passing through both texts.

The wall on the right showcases posters designed by the collectives’ member RR Marki throughout the last ten years. Unfortunately he died briefly afterwards due to a short and unforeseen illness. It was tremendous pleasure working with him and an experience I do highly appreciate.

Curators: Simon Maurer, Nathalie Killias, Fanny Frey
Printing Text Score: Susanne Frei
Printing Image: Swissprint Production GmbH
Printing Posters: Planix GmbH
Typeface: Alpha by @omni.type