Palms on Balconies – A visual study of contemporary houses…


…from Romania built for representation

Since the revolution in 1989, Romania has seen a big wave of houses built for representative purposes, so-called palaces. These buildings challenge in many ways societal and administrative norms, and are built by a diverse range of people. Mostly commonly associated with these buildings are people of Roma origin, nevertheless a more widespread audience partakes in this building culture.

Seen from a social perspective, the work aims to broaden the previously limited research with a more differentiated approach. Through exchange with a substantial range of protagonists, and by working with visual ethnography, the project therefore seeks to produce typological images that inquire how social status is established through architecture.

Mentoring: Sarah Owens, Alex Hanimann, Jonas Voegeli
MA-thesis project in Visual Communication, Design, Zurich University of the Arts
Photography and writing in collaboration with Gabriel Amza
Typeface “Sono” by Simon Mager

Stiftung Buchkunst, Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung 2018, Shortlist